8 Tips for Fingering a Girl

8 Tips for Fingering a GirlA lot of men underestimate the power of fingering. “Why bother pleasuring her with fingers if I have a perfectly functional penis,” they think. Well, the penis cannot do things fingers can. If you properly finger a girl, you can give her a mind-blowing orgasm, and she will definitely want to go for the second round. Here are eight tips for fingering a girl.

1. Prepare your hands. You need to trim and file your nails, otherwise you might accidentally hurt her. Besides, you need to wash your hands really well. If your hands are dirty, fingering might lead to a urinary tract and/or vaginal infection. You may even use latex gloves is your partner is very hygiene-conscious.

2. Start with foreplay. Before you start fingering the girl, you need to get her relaxed and wet. Although fingering is usually considered as part of foreplay, you shouldn't start with inserting fingers into her vagina. If she is not aroused enough, it will hurt. Pay enough attention to her erogenous zones until she's really wet.

3. Go slow. Start with one finger and don't move too fast right from the start. Take your time to tease her, increase the speed and add more figures gradually as she loosens up. It's not about getting her off as fast as you can, it's about making her enjoy the process as well.

4. Use lubricant if necessary. Even if she's wet, her natural lubrication might be not enough for the entire process. We recommend that you buy some lubricant and use it should the need arise.

5. Learn what she likes. Try different techniques and see what works best. If your partner is responsive and vocal in bed, it will be easy. If she is reserved, you'll need to pay more attention to her reactions. Anyway, you need to constantly make sure she's enjoying it. Oblige whether she wants you to stroke faster and stronger or to slow down.

6. Don't forget about her clitoris. Some women just can't orgasm from vaginal stimulation, no matter how hard their partner tries. You need to stimulate her clitoris, gently rubbing it with your thumb or licking it with your tongue. Be careful, because the clitoris is very sensitive.

7. Try to find her G-spot. The G-spot is an slight bump located 2—3 inches up the top wall of the vagina, it is an erogenous zone. It's surface has a slightly different texture when the rest of the vagina. Remember that not all women like their G-spot stimulated, but it won't hurt to try. Just start slowly.

8. Find the correct rhythm. Once she gets really aroused, she may start to move her hips. You should synchronize the movements of your finger(s) with her thrusts. As she starts approaching her orgasm, don't lose your rhythm. If you slow down when she's about to climax, she might lose her orgasm altogether.



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