How to Hide Your Sexual Inexperience

How to Hide Your Sexual InexperienceSex is the most natural thing that people have and when it comes to the hottest staff, your body knows how to perform. However, experience is always welcomed by ladies, who want to spend a great night with you. But if you're a virgin, how can you hide your sexual inexperience?

#1 Don't talk too much about sex. You're not going to tell your girl that it's your first time, but you also shouldn't act like you've already slept with thousands of women. You think that boasting of your experience will give you scores, but in fact, you will look like a man who's compensating for the lack of it.

#2 Learn your own body. Now you have to practice and masturbation is extremely helpful in it. You will know what makes you feel good and you will also learn how to last longer. Although you don't have anyone real near you, you can visualize having sex in real life.

#3 Look. Watching porn is one of the most helpful resources of what sex looks like. But don't try to implement everything you've seen! Stick to basics only, because you need the technique, not other “advanced” stuff.

#4 Learn what women like. There are various resources online that will help you learn what turns women on, their erogenous zones etc. Don't go too far, like BDSM or finding and stimulating g-spot (whether it exists or not).

#5 Slow down. Oral sex is great, but you don't have to jump into it full force. You can either over-stimulate your girlfriend or hurt her. So start slow and keep an eye on her verbal and non-verbal answers to what you're doing. And don't feel upset or mad if your girl asks you to make something different. She knows her body much better then any man in the world. So obey and do what she wants.

#6 Don't chat. This time you'd better not to talk a lot during sex. A couple of manly moans will be enough, and avoid full-scale conversations. Don't ask her anything. And regarding your moans, also don't go crazy about them.

#7 Don't interrogate her. The last thing in the world your girl would like to do after sex is answering your questions, whether it was good, what was her favorite part and whether you were better then her previous guy. Being overly concerned about how it was will let her know that you're inexperienced. And by the way, you will understand how she felt by her non-verbal signs.

#8 Don't cling to her. It's easy to feel connected to anyone after sex, but avoid from being clingy. It should be your girl who will come to you, not the other way around. So no need for obsessive phone calls or random visits. Just stay in touch, and your girl will do the rest.



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