5 Signs You Are Bi-Curious

5 Signs You Are Bi-CuriousThe term “bi-curious” refers to people who identify themselves as heterosexual but express an intense interest in bisexuality and/or suspect they might be bisexual. Sexuality is a spectrum, and it is perfectly okay to have doubts. Here are five signs you are indeed bi-curious.

Sign #1. You have a gut feeling. It's really that simple. If you are feeling that you might be attracted to people of the same sex, that's it. While your conscious mind may be in denial, instinct rarely lies. By the way, if you are reading this article, that's one more clue. If you suddenly started reading more about sexuality issues, it might be your inner voice prompting you to explore your own sexuality.

Sign #2. You are crushing hard on a person of the same sex. Quite a lot people have innocent crushes on members of the same sex. These crushes basically are fascination with a person, they are platonic and have nothing to do with sexuality. However, if you your feelings are deeper than an innocent girl crush/bromance and you are thinking about having sex (or at least making out) with the person you're crushing on, you're probably bi-curious.

Sign #3. You have sexual fantasies about someone who is the same sex. Sex dreams don't count because our subconscious likes to show us strange things that don't actually mean what they seem to mean. However, if you actively fantasize about having sex with a person of the same sex and want these fantasies to become a reality, you're at least heteroflexible.

Sign #4. You know what you find attractive in people of the same sex. If someone asks you what you find attractive in people of the opposite sex, the list will probably include both physical and emotional qualities. Ask yourself the same question about people of the same sex. If the list is similar, you are probably attracted to both sexes. Remember that attraction doesn't have to be equal. Many bisexual people are more attracted to one of the sexes.

Sign #5. You enjoy lesbian/gay porn. If you get more enjoyment watching two or more people of your sex getting it on than you do watching people of opposite sexes, this might be one more sign you're bi-curious, especially if you start imagining yourself as one of the participants.

It is important to understand that bi-curious is not the same thing as bisexual. Bisexual people know that they are attracted to both sexes, while people who are bi-curious suspect that they are attracted to both sexes and have no bisexual experience. They might be ready to experiment with a same sex partner, but that's not always the case.

Remember that it's perfectly normal to be bi-curious and explore your sexuality. However, it is not okay to hurt other people's feelings in the process. If you are going to experiment with someone, you need to tell them that you are confused and experimenting. Bi-curious people are often frowned upon in the LGBT community because they tend to hide their real intentions. Don't confirm the stereotype.



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