Six Reasons Vacation Sex Is So Good

Six Reasons Vacation Sex Is So GoodMany couples admit that vacation sex is the best. It's not that regular sex is bad, sex during a vacation just has a completely different vibe. Why does it happen so? Here are six reasons why vacation sex is so great.

Change of scenery. Sex in your own bed is comfortable but predictable. A different location means that you can forget about the routine and try new things. Even if you don't get much kinkier than usual, doing it on a hotel bed or against the wall in your room brings a certain thrill. Besides, you don't have to worry about your neighbors. When your vacation is over, you'll never see these people again.

No stress. Everyday's stress affects our sex life, and not in the best way. Even when you're in the throes of passion, you can't fully relax and forget about your problems. When you're on vacation, you are free from stress. There are no deadlines, household chores or emergencies. Everything has been taken care of. So when you have sex, nothing distracts you from you pleasure.

More time. Unfortunately, many people have such busy schedules that they can't have sex when they want to; they have sex when they have time to. But when you're on vacation, you have all the time in the world. You can stay up all night having sex because you don't have to get up early. You can even have a sex marathon and stay in your room for days (god bless room service).

Change of clothes. New outfits make us feel sexy and confident. When you pack for a vacation, you pack the things that make you look and feel the sexiest. Sweatpants and office attire are left behind. No matter what you wear – a sexy bikini, a cute sundress or a cocktail dress – he won't be able to keep his hands off you.

You are feeling more adventurous. Sharing new experiences during a romantic vacation, such as exploring new places or trying extreme activities, brings you closer and increases intimacy. When you are feeling more adventurous in general, you get more adventurous in bed as well. After you've tried bungee jumping or skydiving, bedroom kinks don't seen so intimidating anymore.

Furniture sex. So, you've always wanted to have sex on a coffee table, but you'll never do it at home because you don't think you will be able to use it for its intended purpose because of associations. But this doesn't apply to your hotel room, so you can have sex on each and every piece of furniture here (and don't forget about the bathroom with its giant bathtub). However, we recommend that you avoid thinking about people who had sex in this room before you.



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