7 Tips for First-Time Swingers

7 Tips for First-Time SwingersMany monogamous couples burn out just because they get tired of sex routine. Swinging is one of the ways to make your relations more exciting and even get closer attached to each other. So you and your partner decided to bring some peculiarity to your relations, but beware not to get into a swinging disaster. Our 7 tips for first-time swingers will help you avoid it.

#1 Talk to your partner. You need a serious talk, not like “Hey, why don't we try swinging?”. Each of you has to understand the reasons why you both want to try swinging and what will it give to you. Discuss how you will reunite after the first swinging and how will you deal with your feelings.

#2 Find interesting couples. Swinging is not what people include in their CV. You might be best friends with a couple and never know that they are swingers! When it comes to swinging, the Internet is your best helper. You can browse many trustworthy swinging sites and chat with couples. Set up accounts at different sites and look where you will get the most interesting responses. Try to stick to one site only, the one you like most of all.

#3 Trust and jealousy. Trust is the most important thing for the first-time swingers. When you set up the account, it has to be joint and you both need equal access to it. Having separate accounts leads to distrust. Another feeling that you might deal with is jealousy. Think yourself, whether you will be jealous afterwards. If you will, then swinging is definitely not for you and you shouldn't go further.

#4 Where to start? It's a tricky question, because you could go with couples or visit a club. We would recommend you to go to a swinging party, because there you can watch how swingers interact with each other. You will learn a lot about their behavior. And remember, that safety in numbers. You can easily disappear if you change your mind.

# 5 Dress code and club code. Now let's think what you should wear to a swinging club. Remember, that swinging parties are not fetish parties, that's why people are usually dressed in their usual way. Well, you can always find someone wearing something strange or chic, but mostly men wear casual and women are dressed in cocktail dresses, or something sexy. Wearing sexy pants means that it's your period time.

Regarding club codes, different places have their own rules. For instance, some places use different colors of drinking straws to indicate what people are looking for, while at others people are encouraged to communicate. If you're confused with the things that are going on, just ask someone. Swingers are always open and friendly to talk.

#6 Tell that you're a first-timer. Everyone knows how it's to do something new for you. Your heart is pondering and knees shake. Admit that you're a first-timer and people will understand your awkwardness.

#7 Your first time. The first-time swingers usually don't join another couple or a group scene, moreover, you don't have to. Having sex with your partner alongside others doing the same is also a great experience for you.



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