7 Sexting Tips for Guys

7 Sexting Tips for GuysThe art of sexting is very complicated, and many women complain that men are usually clueless about effective sexting. We're going to change it, that's why we've prepared these 7 sexting tips for guys. Don't forget to use them whenever you're going to sext your girl.

#1 Start slow. Women's arousal doesn't come in a second. It's growing slowly, that's why bold words “I want you to give me a BJ right now” out of the blue won't probably be responded at all. Use right phrases to start your sexting, for instance, “I love the way you...”, “I want to feel your kiss on my lips”, “Thinking of you”. If you want to find more interesting phrases, that would turn your girlfriend to sexting, then read roman novels. You will find out how to turn on women.

#2 Choose appropriate time for sexting. Sending sexts during the day, when you know that your girl is at work, won't have the desired result. So choose the time for sexting correctly. For instance, at night, when your girl is probably going to bed.

#3 Build up tension. Don't forget to answer her messages and don't make her wait. Waiting for too long makes the game boring. That is why respond the messages as fast as you can and keep your texts exciting. Ask questions, appreciate her physical attributes avoid being too nice. Girls don't like nice guys in bed!

#4 Don't exaggerate. Being not a nice guy doesn't mean that you have to use dirty language, in fact, it will only kill her mood. Never use words c*nt and pu**y in your sexts! Girls hate them. And also don't use emoticones. Only ;) is nice.

#5 Make her send you a picture. Sexy photos of your girl turn you on, that's why make her send you one. How can you do it? Next time when you sext and you know that your girl is in bed, just ask for her picture. Insist, if she doesn't want to (she's only playing with you, remember), but don't be too bold.

#6 Send her a picture. Unlike men, girls are more menta, that's why words are more likely to turn on your girl, then a picture of your manhood. However, if you want to send her your picture, then you need to remember the following rules. Hide your important body parts, if you show your face on the picture. If you send her some nudity, then hide your face. Don't send her a picture of your manhood, unless you want your girl laugh at it and immediately share the picture with her girlfriends. And make sure that there's nobody in your room when you take a picture. Your girl doesn't want to see your mom or uncle on the background.

#7 Read texts before you send them. Girls don't want to receive texts with spelling mistakes. Make your language rich and use different adjectives, because repetition of the same words will make her bored. And make sure that you send texts to the right recipient!



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