How to Be More Confident in Bed

How to Be More Confident in BedEvery lady needs to be confident in her body in order to enjoy sex. And when something bothers you about your own body, you can't relax and get into the right mood. We provide you with very useful tips on how to be more confident in bed.

Look around and you will see many skinny girls, while your body is hardly can be called perfect. Well, even skinny models can find plenty of flaws in their bodies! It's very easy not to feel good about the way we look, but it's not the reason why we shouldn't love ourselves and enjoy great sex. And right now we are going to fight with your complexes and boost your self-esteem to the right level.

Find the best light. Darkness can hide all your body and you don't need to worry about wrinkles, pimples and dimples. However, you partner needs to see you to turn on. If you find the best light, you can solve both issues. We recommend you to use candle light. It's dim enough to hide your body flaws and still your partner can see you. By the way, candles create more romantic atmosphere!

Wear the right lingerie. Sexy lingerie doesn't have to be very uncomfortable. There are plenty of pieces that will make you feel comfortable and you will be sexy enough. Choose lined cups and normal bikini panties to feel supported and sexy.

Leave something on. You don't have to be naked to have sex with your partner. Actually, we always do it and it feels a bit usual. Leaving something on makes sex hotter, because a specific item you wear gives room for your partner's imagination.

Fake it till you make it. So you want to choose something extra sexy, but you're afraid that you will look ridiculous in it. Don't think so! Think about yourself as about another person. Pretend to be a model and dare to wear that sexy lingerie you've dreamed about. Pretending and acting like being someone else will give you more confidence in your body. Soon this pretended confidence will be substituted with self-confidence.

Accept and love you body the way it is. We know that it's hard to accept the body the way it is. We always want to change something in us. Learn how to accept and love your own body. Do it by spending more time naked. Take off your clothes and stand in front of mirror. Look at yourself in order to eliminate your anxiety about your body. If you're familiar with what you see, you have no reason to get anxious. So clear your head of any insults you'd like to give your own naked body. When you feel the most anxiety about your naked body, don't turn away from the mirror. Keep looking at yourself till anxiety passes. Be careful, because this tip works only if you do everything right.

Those who are very uncomfortable with their naked body, can start small. Don't look at whole your naked body. Start with a part of your body that you like, then go to the parts that you feel most uncomfortable. Do it till you can stay naked and feel confident in yourself.



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