6 Things to Know About Sex With an Uncircumcised Man

6 Things to Know About Sex With an Uncircumcised ManMale circumcision is more common in some regions than others. For example, prevalence of circumcision in the United States is estimated at 75%, so most women are used to having sex with circumcised men and can get confused when they encounter an uncut guy for the first time. Here are six things you should know about sex with an uncircumcised man.

An uncircumcised penis looks different. Of course it looks different, what did you expect? The head of an uncut penis is covered by foreskin that slightly reminds of a hood, while the head of a circumcised penis is exposed. However, when an uncut penis is fully erect, the foreskin usually pulls back, so the difference is not that much noticeable.

Uncut penises can be a bit more sensitive (especially the head). Circumcision doesn't affect sexual desire or erectile function, but there is an opinion that circumcised penises are a bit less sensitive in the head area. They say that the most sensitive part of an uncut guy's penis is its head, while the most sensitive part of a cut guy's penis is the circumcision scar. However, it is hard to prove as most men get circumcised in infancy and have nothing to compare to.

Hygiene is more important. Well, private part hygiene is important for everyone, but uncircumcised men have to pay special attention to cleaning below the foreskin, where certain bacteria can “get trapped”. However, if the guy cleans himself regularly, it doesn't matter whether he's uncut or not. According to research, male circumcision reduces the risk of STIs. However, we would like to remind you that the best way to reduce the risk of STIs is to use condoms.

Handjobs are easier. Due to extra skin, there is a gliding motion when you stroke uncircumcised penis, so you will need less lubrication. As for what to do with a foreskin during a handjob, ask your partner. Some men enjoy their foreskin pulled back and some don't, so you'd better asked your partner first to make sure he will enjoy.

Blowjobs are slightly different. When you are giving a BJ to an uncircumcised man, you can play with his foreskin and explore the sensitivity of his penis's tip. Add his favorite handjob techniques (which you've already figured out) and don't be afraid to experiment. Remember that, while foreskin matters, each man has his own preferences, so it's about figuring out what your partner likes.

Sex is not that much different. Despite all of the above, sex with an uncut man is not that much different after all. Or let us paraphrase. Sex with every man is different, uncut or not, and you will inevitably have to get used to each of your partners and learn their likes and dislikes. As far as the actual intercourse is concerned, we don't think that you will notice the difference, especially if you are using condoms.



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