9 Sexting Tips for Ladies

9 Sexting Tips for LadiesSexting is a great thing to make your partner interested in you. But nude photos of you that are leaked online really suck. If you're into this risky move, then you should read our 9 sexting tips for ladies.

#1 Meet, then sext. In case you like your online match but you've never seen this person, don't begin sexting. You have to meet the person first and have a sparkle between two of you. Your flirty messages will only ignite the fire. However, if you see that you have zero interest in this guy or you just don't trust him, then don't use sexting.

#2 Use sexting as a foreplay. Sexting gives you hints to what is coming, that's why it's so great as a foreplay. Make sexting right, that's why start out slow. Use simple opening lines like “I can't get you out of my mind”. Tease your partner, but leave some place for a mystery. Let their imagination draw the whole picture, and only then fire up the lust.

#3 Use texts that require answers or leave your partner hanging, just a little. You want the game to go on, that's why use the messages that would make your partner think of something unexpected and, of course, sexual. For instance “What would you do, if I came to your office wearing nothing but a leather trench coat?”.

#4 Answer his messages. Don't wait too long before you answer the message from you partner. Even if you have nothing special to answer right now, show your man that you're into what he's saying. Little encouragement is what your partner needs.

#5 Flirt, but don't get dirty. Well, you can use any language in your sexts, but try to avoid all four-letter words, as well as something too revealing. Flirting is good, getting dirty is bad.

#6 Use lingo. Sexters have developed a number of special acronyms to render their feelings. Learn this lingo and it will make your conversation special for both of you and protected, in case the messages will be seen the other set of eyes. The most spread examples of sexting acronyms are TDTM (Talk Dirty To Me), IWSN (I Want Sex Now), GYPO (Get Your Pants Off), IAYM (I Am Your Master), etc. By the way, you can create your own sexting lingo acronyms.

#7 Picture strip tease. You're allowed to send sexy pictures, and they worth hundreds of words. Moreover, pictures can ignite your partner, as well as you. Keep you partner turned on and every time you send him a message, include a suggestive photo of your clothes items.

#8 Tease, don't reveal. When you send the pictures, use those where you tease, but don't reveal everything. Well, you can show a bit of your nipple, and it will be very sexy, but sending the pic of your boobs it's too much. Your picture wrapped in towel after taking the shower will make your partner think about you and at the same time it's not too revealing.

#9 Don't send pictures that include your face. You never know what happens to the pictures you send. You partner may show them to someone else just accidentally sending them to others. His or your phone might be stolen or lost. Send pictures with any part of your body, not the face.



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