5 Tips for Bedroom Role Play

5 Tips for Bedroom Role PlayRole play is one of the most common sexual kinks because it allows people to fulfill their sexual fantasies in a safe environment with a partner they can trust. Assuming a certain role also encourages people to try things they are too shy to try during regular sex. Role play can be a lot of fun, but it can also go awfully wrong. To avoid awkward situations, check out our tips for bedroom role play.

Figure out the scenario you'd like to try. If you've already pondered over your role-playing fantasies, you can skip this one. But if you've never really thought about it, you should start with figuring out your fantasies. Many people draw inspiration from their past experiences. For example, if you had a crush on a hot professor in college but never acted on it, try the teacher/student scenario to get closure! Some beginners pick the “two strangers meeting in a bar” scenario because it's simple and doesn't involve power dynamics.

Share and discuss it with your partner. Communication is the key to good sex, especially if you've decided to get kinky. Share your role-playing fantasy with your partner to see if it turns them on. Just formulate it in such a way that your partner is included from the very beginning. For example, “I want you to be my hot professor...” is way better than “I used to have a crush on this hot professor...” It's also important to choose the right moment for this kind of conversation.

Set your boundaries. You don't have to discuss the scenario in detail – some people prefer to play it by ear – but you do have to establish your limits. No one should be forced to do anything they are uncomfortable with. If you don't like dirty talk, your partner should respect it, role play or not. Sometimes people are not aware of their own triggers, so we suggest that you pick a safe word. You can use the traffic light system: “yellow” for taking a break and discussing whatever bothers one of you and “red” for stopping the play immediately.

Create the atmosphere. There are plenty of scenarios that don't require costumes, but for some people, changing clothes or putting on a wig can help them get into character. If you love dressing up, by all means, do it! Accessories and props will come in handy, too. It will be great if you can set the scene. Of course, you cannot redecorate your bedroom for every sexy scenario you want to try out, but sometimes it is small things that create the atmosphere. If you try the hooker/client or bar hook-up scenario, rent a hotel room.

Don't be afraid to laugh. Something will inevitably go wrong, especially if it's your first try. One or both of you will break character, say something ridiculous or crack up. Don't let small mishaps ruing the whole experience. If something like this happens, laugh it off and go on. It's not like you are auditioning for a role, so why so serious? Bedroom role play is supposed to be fun and not something to get stressed over.



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