Good Tips for Shower Sex

Good Tips for Shower SexSex in the shower is one of the things that we find the hottest. In fact, it turns out to be the most traumatic. Slippery surfaces and lack of lubrication are the biggest problems, however, you can solve them. Use our good tips for a great shower sex.

Prepare your birth control beforehand. Opening condoms is very tricky with slippery hands, that's why prepare everything beforehand. Note that many condoms break in water, that's why make sure that the brand you use can stand it up.

Tease your man. Intercourse is the most traumatic thing about sex in the shower, but teasing is safe and it will turn you on. Go to shower first and make your man watch you. Make a little show for him: make sure that water runs over your breasts, rub your body slowly, arch your back and whip your hair.

Foreplay. Take your time in shower for a foreplay. Start washing your partner. Use sponge for showering, because it can amp up anticipation of your partner.

Keep your crotch away from water. Lack of lubrication is going to be your biggest problem. Water washes away you natural lube, that's why try to keep it away from you. Also try to avoid the use of soap in that particular area, because your skin will be irritated.

Use lubrication. Silicon lubricant is a must-have for shower sex. No matter how much you try to keep your particular area dry, water will wash it anyway. Use lubricant in order to avoid irritation and pain. Make sure that you use silicon lubricant, it's water resistant. By the way, don't spill it, because it's unbelievably slippery.

Choose the right position. Now we get to the most dangerous part. No matter how much you want to try new positions, stick to our tips. The best position for shower sex is doggie style, well, a variation of it. Bend down and lean on the wall. It will give your partner a good view and you two will keep balance.

If you want deeper penetration, then put one foot up on the edge and bend forward to support yourself on the wall. Also ask your partner to hold your hips and pull you towards him.

Use water. In case you have an adjustable showerhead, play a bit with water. Spray it on your clitoris and other erogenous zones. Show your man the way you want it and make him do the same for you.

Use different toys. There are many water resistant toys that you can use to make shower sex even hotter and better. The foot step will anchor your feet and it will give you more support. Shower handcuffs are also great and you can use them in order to try new positions.

Take a T-shirt on. Well, it's an extra tip for you where to start with. Go to shower in his or your T-shirt on. As the T-shirt gets wet, he will see the sexiest sight ever. It's like a dream to come true: take a wet T-shirt off the contest winner.

A tip for beginners. If you only start thinking about sex in the shower and you're afraid that anything might go wrong, then use shower as a foreplay only. Then go out and have sex on the firm ground: bend over the sink and let him penetrate you.



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