5 Tips for Having Sex on a Plane

5 Tips for Having Sex on a PlaneSex on a plane is one of the most common sexual fantasies. Quite a lot of people what to join the mile high club despite the fact sex on a plane is not entirely legal. Although we don't endorse illegal activities, we will give you some tips for having sex on a plane, just in case.

Make sure it is worth the risk. The consequences of joining the mile high club depend on whether you get caught or not. If you do get caught, there are several possible outcomes. Some flight attendants may scold you and then let it slide, while others might alert the pilot in command. You might be charged with indecent exposure or even potentially interfering with the flight crew. Interference with a crew member is considered a serious offense, you might not get off with a fine.

Be prepared. Spontaneity is fun, but it doesn't mix well with public sex. Discuss everything with your partner beforehand, because the crowded cabin is not the best place for planning plane sex. Make sure your clothes provide easy access. Sweatpants are a good variant for him, while she should consider wearing a skirt or dress. Going commando will also be helpful. And don't forget about condoms!

Be discreet. First of all, choose the bathroom at the back of the plane, so other passengers are facing in the opposite direction. Wait until there is no line and let the operation “Sex on a Plane” begin! If you go to the bathroom together, it will look suspicious. So the lady should go first (if you are both ladies or gentlemen, toss a coin or something) and lock the door. About five minutes later, the other partner goes to the bathroom and knocks quietly. We suggest that you use a secret knock. When you're both inside the bathroom, don't forget to lock the door again.

Be quick. There is not time for a long foreplay or tender love-making, you need to get off as quick as possible. We hope you don't need an explanation for this one, do you?

Pick the position. There aren't many positions to choose from. One involves the receiving partner being propped up on the sink, and the other is the reverse cowgirl position that involves sitting on the put down toilet seat. By no means lean on the door, it can lead to a very embarrassing accident.

Have an escape route. So, you've had your fun. You walk out of the bathroom and see people in line staring at you. Oops, awkward! How to handle this situation? We suggest that you bring an air sickness bag with you. If you get caught, you can pretend that one of you got sick, and the other went to the bathroom to check on them. You should decide beforehand which one of you is going to assume the role of the sick partner.



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