10 Crazy Places Where You Can Have Sex

10 Crazy Places Where You Can Have SexAnyone can have sex in a bed, or on a sofa, and even on a table or a chair, but it's boring. If you want to have something that is really hot and thrilling, then you should think about some more unusual places. Our list of 10 crazy places where you can have sex will inspire you to have some fun outside of your house.

#1 A boat. If you're adventurous enough, then you might like sex in a rowboat. The boat will sway, that's why the moves have to be more gentle in order to keep the balance. We wouldn't recommend you to have sex in a canoe, because it's too narrow, wooden ribs will dig into your back and you will always have to keep it from tipping over.

#2 A hammock. In case you don't have a rowboat and you'd like to have something fun, then use an outdoor hammock. The hammock will envelope you and force you to remain close. The rocking motion of the hammock while sexing makes it all more interesting. Make sure that you don't move too much around, otherwise you are risking to fall out!

#3 An elevator. Your sex will be very fast, till you get to your floor. However, remember, that others may also want to use the elevator and it may have several unexpected stops. Even if it doesn't, the elevators in public places are equipped by cameras.

#4 A swimming pool. When it's too hot you may want to have sex in a swimming pool. If you do it during the daylight, everyone will see you and know what you're doing there. Well, if you leave the top on, nobody will see anything. Remember, that sex in water requires extra lubrication.

#5 A waterfall. It's a nice idea for the couples who would like to feel close to nature. Since the waterfalls are usual place for sightseeing, there might be many people around you. So make sure that no one sees you. You definitely won't like some kids to see what you're doing.

#6 An outside stairwell. It will be thrilling, because you might get caught, but the feeling will be amazing. If you know that no one will see you from another house, then go for it.

#7 A boulder. It's a nice place for those who loves to go hiking. Go away from the trail and find a picturesque place and a boulder for two of you. Your sex will be a great thrill because anyone can come at any minute.

#8 A fitting room. Small fitting rooms are always very intimate, even if they are in the middle of a big shop. If you don't want anyone from outside to see you, then choose the positions where your feet don't show, for instance, stand on a bench. And just imagine, what kind of look you will have in a mirror!

#9 A movie theater. There might be not a lot of people watching movie during a midnight showing. Or you may be alone! It's unforgivable not to use the situation and the place to have some fun.

#10 A locker room. If you and your partner like to go to gym together, then having sex in a locker room is perfect for you. Choose a shower cubical and no one will see you. May be.



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