10 Tips for Having Sex in a Tent

10 Tips for Having Sex in a TentCamping is great and you definitely should go to the woods with your partner and spend a couple of wild nights there. Of course you will be playing Adam and Eve there, but make sure that this experience becomes unforgettable. Our 10 tips for having sex in a tent will help you spend the best outdoor summer nights.

#1 Choose the right place for the tent. Before you lay down the tent look at the ground and make sure that there are no stones and sticks poking out. There's nothing worse than accidental having the wrong stick in your butt, and laying on the stones is not healthy for your spine. So pick the spot wisely, shovel the ground if needed.

#2 The more place the better. A two-man tent should be great for you two, but let's face the truth, you won't have enough room. A three-man tent is perfect for your sexual games.

#3 Don't play with food. Sex and food do not mix while camping. Yes, you might want to drizzle s'mores or frozen crumbs of potato soup, but playing with food a) makes a mess that needs cleaning, b) attracts insects and c) bears. Do you really want to wake up in the mid of the night and flee from a ravenous bear?

#4 Turn the lights off. It's very important if you're camping with your friends. The walls of the tent are thin and any light makes everything happening inside to be a shadow show for the others. If you're alone in the wood, skip this tip and go further.

#5 Turn on some music. Music is great to get into the right mood. Again, if you're not alone here, music will hide the moans and grunts escaping from your tent.

#6 Get a double sleeping bag. A double sleeping bag is a perfect sleeping place for the couple. It will allow cuddling and make it easier to get in or out of the bag.

#7 Use condoms. Condoms are your best friend, not just because they protect you from STDs and babies. They also make the cleanup after sex a lot easier.

#8 Choose positions wisely. You don't have a lot of room, that's why stick to classic positions. Spooning position is favorite among campers. Missionary position will also work great. Whatever you choose, remember to put towels, sleeping bags and clothes underneath to protect your knees, hips and spines.

#9 Stay in the tent. Going out of the tent and playing Adam and Eve underneath the starry sky sounds super attractive, but don't do it unless you know the area as the back of your hand. Bark burn, stepping on sticks and poison ivy on dick are terrible. Don't try to beat the forces of nature, that's why stay in tent.

#10 Go swimming. If you're lucky to camp next to a warm body of water, then go swimming after having sex. It will let you fresh and make the cleanup much easier.



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