6 Rules for Having Rebound Sex

6 Rules for Having Rebound SexThey say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Having a short relationship or no-strings-attached sex helps many people go through a breakup and move on. However, you need to be sure that rebound sex is what you need and follow several rules not to get hurt. Here are six rules for having rebound sex.

Make sure you really need it. Why do you need rebound sex? Is it going to be a revenge, a distraction, an ego boost? Or are you just horny? There are several common reasons for rebound sex, and you need to find yours in order to figure out if a hook-up is going to help. Rebound sex works for some people, but it doesn't work for others. Some people are not made for meaningless sex, they get emotionally attached to their rebound partners, and rebound sex makes them hurt even more.

Wait a few weeks. Don't have rebound sex when you've just broken up and start crying every time you think about your ex. Crying is not attractive, and you rebound partner doesn't have to deal with a sobbing mess. Wait until you don't want to cry anymore and become angry with your ex instead. Revenge sex can be very satisfying.

Pick the right partner. Many people have rebound sex with strangers they find in clubs or bars. If you are not comfortable with having sex with a complete stranger, choose a distant acquaintance who your consider attractive. Close friends, friends' relatives, your ex's friends and relatives, former exes and coworkers are off limits, you don't want to make things awkward. Oh, and sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend-just-turned-ex does not classify as rebound sex.

Be honest about your intentions. This is basic one-night stand etiquette. Your partner deserves to know that you're on the rebound so that they don't get their hopes up. Besides, you need to be honest with yourself, too. If you feel that you are beginning to get attached to your partner, stop having sex with them.

Be safe. It's seems like an obvious rule, but you won't believe how many people forget about protection when they are on the rebound. Misery and lust probably do something to their brains. Condoms are a must! They help prevent both an unwanted pregnancy and STIs. A new condom should be used for each intercourse and if your are changing between oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

Don't flaunt your new sexual relationship in front of your ex. We understand that you want to demonstrate that you've gotten over them and make them jealous, but you will probably come across as desperate. Live your life and let them live theirs. Besides, treating them as a trophy is not fair to your rebound partner, they deserve respect.



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