6 Tips for Having Sex in a Car

6 Tips for Having Sex in a CarAbout 80 percent of Americans claim that they've at least once had sex in a car. They don't tell if it was a pleasurable experience or not, but we all understand, that a car is one of the most popular out-of-bedroom places to have sex. Whether you're one of those lucky persons or just want to join them, you will find our 6 tips for having sex in a car very useful.

Having sex in a car might be tricky, because you don't have enough of room and you need to avoid different little objects, like steering wheel, dashboard and gearshift. However, sex in a car may be unforgettable and not because it was disastrous.

#1 Clean your car. Different garbage may spoil your mood. Rotten food, empty cans and dog's hair don't make your car sexier. Moreover, don't forget about crumbs and sand on the seat. They might make the seat itchy and uncomfortable for you. By the way, if your car has leather seats, use a blanket down first so your skin doesn't stick to the seat.

#2 Choose the location where you park your car. Make sure that parking isn't prohibited here, because you don't want policemen interrupt your intimacy. No one needs, especially children, to see you, that's why choose quiet and empty places, for instance, nearby waterway, beach or park. Remember to park safely!

#3 Turn off the lights. If you want to play music for mood, then leave the ignition on. We bet you don't want to find out that the battery was drained while you had sex, and now you can't go anywhere.

#4 Put all your clothes together. We recommend you to take off the closes and place them on an empty seat. After sex you won't have problems sorting and looking for clothes in your car.

#5 Decide which seat is the best for sex. Driver's seat is not the best option because of the steering wheel. Having sex on the backseat is less spontaneity, but it provides more room. Also it's more vulnerable, if interrupted. If you choose passenger's seat, then adjust it to horizontal.

#6 Choose the right position. There aren't many positions that will be perfect, however, you have something to choose from. In case if you have sex on the backseat, it can be either woman-on-top or man-on-top. Whatever you choose, the upper participant should sit. By the way, pull up the front seats as far forward as you can, you will have more room.

Choosing the passenger's seat provides you two more positions. In both of them it's gonna be woman-on-top. Adjust the seat to the horizontal level, lay down or take a seat. The woman may choose to face you or the windscreen. Putting her hands on the dashboard will provide her support.

Sex in a car is awesome, but the hood is also a great place for any kind of activities. So don't forget about it, if you want to have a great night together with your partner.



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