10 Most Overrated Sex Acts

10 Most Overrated Sex ActsSome sex acts seem extremely hot when you are watching porn or reading bodice ripper novels. However, many people feel underwhelmed when they try them in real life. Here is our list of the most overrated sex acts and types of sex.

Public sex. The possibility of getting caught during sex is a turn on for many people. However, the possibility of being arrested or paying an enormous fine is definitely a turn off. And don't get me started on insects and dirt in the woods/parks and unsanitary conditions in public restrooms.

Beach sex. Yes, I know that beach sex is a kind of public sex, but I do need to mention it separately. Because sand, so much sand! Believe me, having sand in your vagina (literally!) is not something you want to experience. Sex in the water is not much better, because a) salt water is basically an anti-lubricant and b) there are a lot of bacteria in the water.

Shower sex. Shower sex seems so hot, doesn't it? But what about getting soap in your eye? Or water suddenly getting cold? Or slipping and falling? Bathroom is for washing, bedroom is for having sex. I suggest that you shower together to turn each other on and then re-locate to the bedroom.

Road head. If you want to give/get a road head, pull over. It won't be as exciting, but it will be much safer. A blow job involving the driver of a moving vehicle is basically a death sentence. I am not sure if someone has ever won a Darwin Award for giving/getting a road head, but I think they should have.

Food play. Whipped cream and custard are sticky. You will never wash strawberry juice and chocolate sauce off your expensive Egyptian cotton sheets. A banana stuck in a vagina is gross and unhygienic. If you're not into wet and messy fetish and just want to experiment a little, stay away from food play.

Drunken sex. Alcohol can make us hornier and less inhibited, but drunken sex is not so great as many people think. You can throw up. You can pass out. You can forget about protection. You can hurt yourself or your partner. Besides, alcohol often makes our performance suffer. You can have a cocktail or a couple of shots to relax, but that's it.

69ing. It looks great in porn, but it is often awkward in real life, especially if partners have a considerable height difference. Being kneed in the face is a huge turn off. Besides, it is hard to enjoy yourself completely while you are trying to pleasure your partner. Multi-tasking in bed is not for everyone.

Facials. One more thing that looks hot in porn and is messy and gross in real life. Getting cum in your hair not sexy at all, and getting cum in your eye hurts. No, HURTS.

Deep throating. The head of the penis is its most sensitive part, so deep throating is not the only way to give a good blow job. Concentrating on the tip and using your hand to stimulate the rest of the penis is way better than trying to deep throat and choke or throw up.

Anal sex. It cannot be spontaneous. It requires a lot of preparation and tons of lube. It can be embarrassing. It can be painful for the partner in the receiving position despite all the preparations. It can even be traumatic. And no matter what you think, it does not indicate the level of trust in your relationship.



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