6 Signs He's Faking Orgasm

6 Signs He's Faking OrgasmIt's believed, that faking orgasms is women-like, but men also do it. You might be surprised, but from 10 to 25 percent of men have at least once faked the orgasm. There are many reasons why they do it, but we are not going to talk about them (at least not this time), instead of this we will give you six obvious signs that he's faking orgasm.

It is very easy to tell, whether your man had an orgasm or not. Well, there should be something after sex, if you didn't use condom. However, if you don't notice anything, the man might tell you, that he didn't produce much or he blew most of his reserves earlier. But if you use condom, things are getting harder. However, there are always obvious signs that you might notice.

#1 He screams like crazy. Overacting kills the performance, but men don't understand it. Whenever you see (and hear) that your man screams like he's on needles, instead of usual awkward noises, it's the sign that he's faking his orgasm.

#2 He changes position and moves behind you. The orgasm feelings are literary written on the face of your partner, and they can't be confused with anything else. By the way, this expression is very difficult to mime, that's why your partner may want to change the position from your usual missionary to doggy-style. It's easier to fake, if you don't face each other.

#3 He's thrown away the condom too quickly. Have you noticed that your partner took off the condom just immediately after pulling out and trashed it? He's done it so quickly just to make sure, that you don't notice its empty reservoir tip. Well, if you're suspicious enough, you may go through the trash.

#4 He behaves strange. Your partner usually flips over and goes to sleep after sex, but this time he's fishily cuddly. Well, it's the sign that he faked his orgasm. The thing is that your partner doesn't experience his normal feelings, that's why he does what he thinks should do, instead of what he feels like doing.

#5 He tells how great it was. Well, it's very good to tell the partner how great it was, but it shouldn't continue for too long. The long phrases repeated over and over and his satisfied smile might really not be genuine.

#6 He runs into bathroom immediately afterwards. Well, having an after-sex shower is always great, but surely it can wait for a couple of minutes. If you see that your partner runs into bathroom immediately after pulling out, it means that he needs to masturbate and finish himself off.



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