One-Night Stand Etiquette

One-Night Stand EtiquetteIn theory, a one-night stand is very easy. You meet, you have sex, you part. No strings attached, no hard feelings. In practice, however, it is almost impossible to avoid awkwardness, especially in the morning after. To make things easier (and safer), check out our guide to one-night stand etiquette.

Clean your apartment before you go out. Even if you are not going to have a one-night stand. Even if you don't like to bring strangers into your apartment. Sometimes things just happen. There is always the possibility that you might end up at your place with your partner for the night, and chaos in the apartment is a major mood killer.

Don't get wasted. Drunken sex with a stranger rarely ends well. If you need liquid courage, have a cocktail or a couple of shots to relax. But too much booze is definitely going to spoil the night.

Learn their name. This is basic politeness. One of the most awkward things that happen during one-night stands is waking up next to the person whose name you can't remember.

Be honest. Be absolutely honest about your intentions. There are people who come to bars and night clubs looking for a relationship, so you need to be crystal clear and make sure both of you are on the same page. Remember that people can't read minds.

Be safe. By being safe we don't mean using protection (although protection is also important, we'll talk about it a bit later). We mean that you need to tell your friends where you are going and make sure your phone is fully charged. And don't go home with anyone who gives off a creepy vibe.

Use protection. Condoms are a must because they can prevent both unwanted pregnancy and STIs. The morning-after pill can help with the pregnancy part, but it won't protect from chlamydia. Remember that STIs can be transmitted during unprotected oral sex, too.

Don't be too kinky. A one-night stand is your chance to be adventurous, but trying kinks with a stranger is a bed idea. And nobody should do anything they are uncomfortable with, consent is important.

Don't overshare. If you don't pass out immediately after sex and decide to have some pillow talk, don't share your personal information. Firstly, they don't need to know about your work issues or family drama. Oversharing might freak them out. Secondly, anything you say may be used against you.

Don't overstay your welcome. If you had sex at your partner's place, leave as soon as you can. If they want you to stay the night and have breakfast in the morning, you are welcome to stay, but if they seem reluctant about hanging out some more, just leave. Say, “Thank you for the night, it's been fun, bye”, kiss them goodbye and close the door behind you.

The best way to learn when to leave is ask your partner outright. Sneaking out is not an option, it is rude. You also shouldn't get too cuddly and clingy hoping they will ask you to stay. If you are at your place and you want them to leave, don't be afraid to let them know gently but firmly. If you don't mind them staying the night, offering a simple breakfast is a good thing to do.

Make sure you've got your belongings. Having to go back to pick your bra up is awkward and humiliating, especially if your one-night stand thinks you've left it on purpose. By the way, never leave your belongings at your one-night stand's place on purpose hoping it will give you an excuse to see them again.



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