8 Places for Public Sex

8 Places for Public SexQuite a lot of people get turned on by the possibility of getting caught during sex (exhibitionism kink is more common than you might think). Most couples have sex in public at least once, even if only to check it off the list. There are a lot of places to have sex in public. Here is our list of the most popular places for public sex.

Car. Car sex is not only for teenagers who can't find another private place to have sex. A lot of people fantasize about car sex even though they are not teenagers anymore and have their own place and/or can afford a hotel room. If you want to have sex in your car, find a secluded place to park. And don't ever consider road head, it's extremely dangerous!

Public bathroom. A single-stall bathroom is kind of a semi-public space. Once you're locked inside, nobody will barge in and interrupted. But people in line will probably know what's going on behind closed doors, especially if you can't keep quiet.

Concert/club. Some couples manage to have sex at a concert or night club. The ingredients are: a short dress/skirt, no underwear, dim light, loud music, a secluded corner. Before getting it on, make sure that people can't see you or really don't care.

Plane Have you ever considered joining the mile high club? Sex on a plane is not entirely legal, but many couples go for it anyway. Basically, the only place where you can do it is the bathroom. If the cabin is half-empty and there is no one sitting next to you, you can cover yourselves with a blanket and try a hand job, fingering or oral sex.

Movie theater. Catch an early matinée no one ever goes to and sit in the back row. You probably won't be able to have penetrative sex, but you can get each other off with your hands and mouths.

Beach, park, forest, etc. Want to get closer to nature? Have sex on the beach or in the secluded park. We strongly recommend that you wait until sunset and do it in the dark with less people around. And mind the insects, sand, dirt and other delights of wildlife.

Your backyard. If you want to spice up your sex life but are afraid of getting caught, do it in your backyard. Just make sure you're neighbors are not at home.

Empty classroom. Many college students fantasize about having sex in an empty classroom or library. If you don't want to get caught, take the necessary precautions: check the class schedule, lock the door and pull down the shades.

Keep in mind that public sex might get you in jail so you need to be very cautious and really quick. First time offenders are usually charged with misdemeanor, but you don't want to push your luck.



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