The Worst Sex Advice You Could Ever Hear

The Worst Sex Advice You Could Ever HearTeenagers (and sometimes adults) learn a lot about sex from the rumors, friends and the Internet, and think that everything they hear is true. Some advice are so foolish, that following them leads to different problems, including pregnancy. We're going to bust some sex myths and point out the worst sex advice you could ever hear.

#1 You can't get pregnant, if... There are so many myths about pregnancy and the way to protect yourself from it, that we hardly can count them. However, here are some most spread of them. So, you can't get pregnant, if you have sex in water. It's absolutely false, because sperm swim very well and they can get anywhere they need in almost any circumstances.

You can't get pregnant during your period. The miracle of conception works in a certain way, however, it's not always so. There are many women who've got pregnant while they were on their period. The chances are reduced, but they are still there.

You can't get pregnant, if you're not ovulating. The period when a woman is ovulating is considered to be the best for conception. And let's face the truth, pregnancy is really likable during these days. But, many women have gotten pregnant during other times of their cycle, like during period.

#2 STDs are not transmitted by oral or anal sex. It may be hard to believe, but you can get a sexually transmitted disease even from a simple act of skin contact (of course, everything depends on the kind of STD). Having oral or anal sex won't save you, if your partner already has an STD.

#3 Pulling out won't get you pregnant. This is men's favorite myth, who don't want to use condoms and make their girlfriends believe, that pulling out before ejaculating is pregnancy-free. Well, men can't always control their ejaculation, or just don't pull out in time, that's why a small amount of semen may come into contact with vulva. What's more important, pre-cum, that is released during sex, also has semen in it. And even it's smallest amount is enough to get pregnant.

#4 Size doesn't matter. We're sorry, but size does matter. Not a single woman wants to have sex with a 2'' lover. Both girth and length are important for the art of sex, as well as your own skills!

#5 All orgasms are mind-blowing. If you're watching porn, then you might have noticed, that all orgasms the actresses (as well as actors) have are mind blowing. In real life it's a bit other way. Real women and men experience different level of pleasure during orgasm, ranging from “nothing special” to “OMG”. So don't think that there's something wrong with you, if you don't always have an earth shattering experience. You're totally normal.



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