7 Tips for Having Sex on the Beach

7 Tips for Having Sex on the BeachSex on the beach is one of the most popular sexual fantasies (who knew that so many people have an exhibitionism kink?). However, it is not so romantic as it seems, reality can be harsh. If you want beach sex to be a pleasurable experience, you need to consider some things. Here are tips for having sex on the beach.

Mind your privacy. Some people get off on the chance of getting caught during sex, but that doesn't mean they actually want to get caught. Sex should culminate in orgasms, not in an arrest for indecent exposure or lewd conduct. So you need to wait until it gets dark and find a secluded place. Having sex on a public beach in broad daylight is not an option. And be ready to face the consequences if you do get caught.

Choose clothes. You should wear clothes that are easy to remove and put on so that you can make yourself presentable really quickly. Board shorts for the man and a long sundress or sarong for the woman are good options.

Bring a towel. Sand is your worst enemy. Believe us, getting send in your vagina is not something you want to experience. So you will need a large towel to make sex on the beach safer and more comfortable. Blankets are even better than towels. Bring two blankets along if you want to cover yourselves.

Choose the right position. Missionary style is a bad choice for beach sex because your goals are keeping the vagina as far from sand as possible and not being too obvious. The most comfortable positions for sex on the beach include spooning, reverse cowgirl, woman on top and doggy style.

Don't do it in the water. Some couples try sex in the water because the Archimedes' principle makes it more fun. Besides, having sex in the water is not so obvious as doing it on the shore. However, sex in the water has two serious drawbacks. Firstly, salt water can dry out and irritate vaginal mucosa. Secondly, there are many microorganisms in salt water. You don't want to catch a nasty infection, do you?

Never use sunscreen as lube. Sunscreen is not a good replacement for lubricant, it contains chemicals that can cause vaginal or urethral irritation. If you think you might need lube, go and buy lube. And bringing condoms along will not hurt either. Even if you don't normally use condoms with your regular partner, they will make things less messy. Just don't leave a used condom on the beach.

Be quick. Prolonged sensual love-making on the beach under the stars is good in romantic movies, but not in real life. Leave you sexual marathons for more private places. Make it as quick as possible and get the hell out of the beach for the sake of your own safety.



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