Women's Sex Drive: How to Increase Your Libido

Women's Sex Drive: How to Increase Your LibidoYou are not in the right mood for sex today, or you have no mood for sex at all? You libido is very low and you have to increase it in order to bring back your sex drive. Here are some tips that will help you to increase your libido.

Women and men suffer low libido, but their problems are really different. That's why giving general advice for men and women just won't have the needed result. Let's pay our attention to the ways that help women to bring their sex drive back.

The common reason why women have a low libido is hormones. Use of birth control pills usually lowers libido, and we're going to find out how. You libido is controlled by the level of hormone testosterone. Its level is the highest before the ovulation, when you're most likely to get pregnant. Also the high level of testosterone makes blood flow faster to your genitalia, that's why you feel so horny. But when you take the pills, your ovaries don't produce testosterone, that's why your libido is so low.

It seems to be clear why you have low libido, but in fact the pills don't always affect it. About 40 percent of women don't feel anything like this. The doctors can't answer the question, why libido of these women doesn't depend on the level of testosterone, however, it's the fact.

However, you're looking for natural ways to boost your libido, and it means that you were affected by birth control pills. If you don't want to stop using them, then ask your doctor to prescribe you another pills. Change of brand and dose of artificial hormones your body gets usually brings back libido in women. You can also try other methods of contraception: patches and vaginal rings.

Make sure that hormones don't affect your body anymore and try to stop taking your birth control pills for 3-6 months. When your ovaries work again, your libido comes back. However, this is not an option for all women, because some of them need hormonal pills to help treat medical conditions like ovarian cysts.

Think about the factors that also kill your mood. Constant stress lowers libido in women, and if you're prescribed some pills that help you, you also have to quit them. Many antidepressants and drugs treating hypertension contribute to low libido, so find natural ways to deal with stress in your everyday life.

Start exercising in order to bring back your sex drive. Physical exercises help fight the stress even better then antidepressants. Moreover, the smell of your sweaty partner increases the level of hormone cortisol, that may boost arousal. So why don't you go to gym together with your partner?

Change your diet. Eat healthy food, that doesn't increase the level of cholesterol in your blood vessels. Cholesterol builds up in your arteries, making blood harder to flow, and thus influencing your achievement of orgasm. Start eating more fruit and vegetable in order to make your blood vessels cholesterol-free.

Try to eat more food that is known to be an aphrodisiac. This is a natural way to boost your libido level. Eating more bananas, strawberries, almonds and figs helps increase blood flow in your pelvic area. Don't forget about seasons: basil and garlic always should be used for making your dinner.

Surprisingly, but red wine can also help you to increase your level of libido. It's reported, that red wine has a high level of polyphenols, an antioxidant that widens blood vessels. Women, who drink one glass of wine during the dinner, are more likely to feel arousal than women who don't drink it at all. Be careful, because only a glass of wine will help you, while two glasses may cause a totally reverse effect.



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