How Often Is It Normal to Have Sex?

How Often Is It Normal to Have Sex?Being normal is what every person wants. It's predictable that an average normal person wants to “measure” the normal frequency of sex in their own life. So how often is it normal to have sex?

This is the most common question that people ask when they come to sex expert. People want to know whether their everyday or once-a-month sex is normal. Unfortunately there is no right answer to this question, because every person is unique and has unique need for sex.

However, there are certain advice that some experts give people in order to make their life happier. One of them is having sex two times a week. It's believed, that this frequency is ideal for married couples. But did you think where did this number come from?

Many happy couples state that they have sex two or three times a week. This statement experts use to make other unhappy with their sexual life couples happy. Although the intention is in general good, it makes harm. Making sex two times a week is like scheduling it. Instead of bringing intimacy back, you make it worse and worse.

Talking about problems in bedroom would bring more good then scheduled sex two times a week. And sex experts really know it. So if you want to have a better and happier sexual life, listen to your partner needs and tell about your own desires. Overcoming the problems is better then hiding yourselves from them and pretending that nothing special is going on. When you know about the needs and desires of your partner, intimacy means much more then before.

Every happy couple has its own perfect frequency of sex. It may be once a month or everyday twice a day. This frequency depends on many issues: age, health problems, lifestyle etc. Some even think that men want more sex than women, however, who actually has counted that? A lot of men and women complain, that they would like to have more sex than they have now. Surprisingly, women make majority of those people (70 percent of women vs. to 60 percent of men).

You see that there is no definition to normal frequency of sex, because it just doesn't exist. However, there is a statistical average frequency of sex among married couples. They have sex 7 times a month, that is a little less then twice a week.

No matter what is the normal frequency for you, when you have no more sex with your partner, your relationship become vulnerable to anger, detachment and infidelity. They all become the reason for the divorce, because no matter how much you love your partner, love can't “glue” your relations all the time. It needs something stronger, something more pleasant!