Pros and Cons of Drunken Sex

Pros and Cons of Drunken SexAlcohol tends to lower people's inhibitions and often leads to hook ups, especially at college parties. Sex under the influence can be good, but it can also be terrible. What are the main pros and cons of drunken sex?

Pro. It’s still sex. If you have trouble getting laid and alcohol helps you get some, that’s definitely a good thing. It’s better to have drunken sex than no sex at all. Sex can do wonders to your self-esteem, so after several drunken hook ups you might even be able to get laid when you are sober.

Con. Your performance might suffer. Alcohol can make people horny, but if you drink too much, you may fail in bed. Alcohol affects men’s ability to maintain an erection and women’s ability to orgasm. You might even feel sick or pass out during sex. Not cool!

Pro/Con. You probably won’t remember it. If you are too drunk to remember having sex, it can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the circumstances. If the sex was terrible or your partner turned out an asshole, not remembering it is for the better. But what if you had the greatest sex in your life and you don’t even remember it?

Pro. You can be kinky. When you are drunk, you can try things you’ve always wanted to try but been too shy or afraid to. As we have already said, booze lowers our inhibitions, so it’s easier to be a sex god(dess) when you are drunk.

Con. You can fail at being kinky. It’s definitely not safe to try bondage or some other kinks when you are drunk because things may go terribly wrong. Not to mention the fact that trying kinks with a random hook-up is unsafe even when you are sober.

Pro. You’re too drunk to pay attention to embarrassing sounds, awkward situations or mess in your hook up’s apartment. Not only does alcohol lower inhibitions, it also tends to lower our expectations.

Con. You’re too drunk to remember about protection. Hot drunken sex is absolutely not worth getting pregnant or catching an STD (or both things at once, if you are really unlucky). Guys are luckier because they can’t get pregnant, but they can still get STIs.

Pro. You can blame it on the alcohol. If things get messy and ugly or if your hook up turns out unattractive, blame the alcohol! It was not your fault, tequila shots make you sleep with gross people and fail spectacularly.

Con. Walk of shame. Let’s be honest, walks of shame are not our proudest moments. Even if you want to forget about your drunken hook up and pretend it never happened, there’s always a chance that people who’ve seen you doing a walk of shame won’t let you.



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