What to Do If You Want Sex and Your Partner Doesn't

What to Do If You Want Sex and Your Partner Doesn'tYoung couples have no problems with sex. Their level of hormones is high, and life is full of joy. But when you grow older your body asks for sex more and more seldom. And here you face a problem, that every old couple does: you want sex and your partner doesn't. What can you do in this situation?

This is a common thing for every couple, when one becomes less interested in sex. It may be caused by many reasons, like excess weight, diseases, menopause, erectile dysfunction. Usually women become less interested in sex, while men's sexual desire stays high. But when one of partner's says too frequently “Not tonight”, the other feels trapped and humiliated.

Constant repression of sexual feelings doesn't help and even makes the situation worse. Lack of sex makes people cheat or avoid displaying their affection. Instead of this partners have to talk about their problem and try to find the solution. We recommend you to try these little ideas in order to bring sex back to your life.

Talk to your partner about your needs and desire. Your partner might not understand the importance of sex to you. Don't forget, that it's not only you who has desires and wants something. You have to be aware that your partner also wants and needs something, that you might fail to give.

Touch each other. Sex is not only about intercourse. It's also pleasing, giving a partner a foreplay, touching and receiving a touch. Sometimes men don't understand what is sexual to women. A gentle touch can do a lot, and very often women are pleased with lovemaking, rather than a hard erection.

Use toys. There are many interesting props you can find at your local sex-shop, that will make your sexual life much better. Since lover blood flow to the genitals combined with diminished production of testosterone and estrogen makes it harder for women to reach an orgasm, different sexual toys only help you reach the desired result.

Think about physical causes. You get older and can't stop the process that changes your body. For women, menopause and drop of estrogen cause vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. It can't be handled by lubricant or estrogen creams. For men, the erectile dysfunction may be the first sign of heart problems.

If nothing helps you, you feel that your desire didn't change at all and one of you still doesn't want sex, then it's time to consult a professional. Start with your health care problems and only then consider meeting sex couples therapies.



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