How to Handle an Awkward Erection

How to Handle an Awkward ErectionWe are sure that every sexually mature male has had his fair share of awkward boners that resulted in embarrassment. Sometimes it just happens, even if the situation is not particularly arousing. What to do if you've gotten hard in an inappropriate situation? How to handle an awkward erection?

Try to hide it. First of all, sit down if you can. It is easier to hide an unwanted hard-on if you're sitting down. You can put a large enough item on your lap so that it covers your erection. It can be a jacket, a book, a laptop, a backpack or briefcase. We recommend that you pretend to actually use the item so that it looks less suspicious.

Take a walk. Put both hands in your pockets to gently pin your erection down and take a walk. Walking will give you the opportunity to adjust your boner, and it will also make it go away faster.

Excuse yourself to the restroom. If there is a restroom close by, use it. No, we don't suggest that you go there to jerk off. Just use the privacy to adjust your erection so that it is concealed. Be sure not to put too much pressure on it. The more you stimulate it, the longer you will have to deal with your boner.

Use cold. Everyone knows that a cold shower is a good way to get rid of an erection. If you can't take a shower right now, you can hold a bottle of cold water on your lap.

Think about unsexy things. Distract yourself with thoughts about things that are decidedly not sexy. For example, the protagonist of the 2000 film Cruel Intentions 2 thought about dead puppies and old nuns in their underwear to avoid getting aroused. You can think about sad things, problems at work, doing your taxes, grocery shopping... whatever gets you distracted.

Use pain as a distraction. Sharp pain can serve as a distraction that will get your erection to die down. Don't worry, we are not talking about hurting your penis, that would be too cruel (and too noticeable). You can clench both fists so that your fingernails dig into your palms, pinch yourself or bite your lip/tongue/inner cheek. Just be careful.

Don't worry about your boner. The more you think about your awkward erection, the harder (no pun intended) it will be to make it go away. Stop fixating on your boner and think about something else. Like dead puppies. Or old nuns in their underwear. Ignore it, and it will eventually do away.

Don't make a big deal out of it. Most people wouldn't notice that you have an erection unless you start fidgeting and trying to hide it. Just act like nothing has happened and ignore surprised and shocked looks if there are any. Don't they know that it is rude to stare?



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