Lesser Known Erogenous Zones

Lesser Known Erogenous ZonesEveryone knows that the lips, the nipples and the genitals are erogenous spots. But what about lesser known erogenous zones that can space up your sex life?

There are a number of obvious erogenous zones stimulation of which guarantees sexual arousal. However, if you want to be a really great lover you need to be able to find less obvious erogenous spots that will drive your partner absolutely crazy. Where to look for them?

Inner Thighs

The inside of the female thighs have thin skin and many nerve endings, therefore they are extremely sensitive to licking, stroking and touching. Many women get turned on like crazy when their partners fondle their inner thighs, and start wanting more. Keen in mind that you should not bite there; the skin of the inner thighs is so sensitive that you might hurt your partner.


The wrists might not seem the sexiest body part, but they are very sensitive because, just like the inner thighs, they have thin skin. Not every woman likes having her wrists nibbled and nuzzled by her lover, but you can never know till you try. Kissing and caressing your partner's wrists may be a good beginning of the foreplay. Just try it and you will see if it helps to get her turned on.


This area usually gets little attention, it is rarely touched and kissed. That is why stimulation of the back feels so exciting. Besides, back massages make us feel relaxed, and feeling relaxed and at ease is an essential component of a woman's sexual arousal. Start kissing the nape of her neck while lightly running the tips of your fingers up and down her spine, and your will feel her shiver with anticipation.


Some women have extremely sensitive ears. Whisper something sexy while lightly nibbling or caressing her earlobe, it will certainly help to boost arousal. You can try massaging the outer part of her ear or kissing her earlobe. But make sure your kisses are not too sloppy, most women don't find wet and sloppy kisses arousing at all.


Foot fetish is not as kinky as you might think. Many people, both women and men, enjoy having their feet massaged and their toes licked and sucked. Of course, in this case personal hygiene is very important, you will want to make sure that your partner's feet have been properly cleansed. Approach caressing your partner's feet with caution: some zones can be ticklish, and ticklish is usually the opposite of arousing.