Breakup Sex Etiquette

Breakup Sex EtiquetteNo one is going to blame you if you want some love after a breakup with your partner. You need some emotional and physical joy, that's why you find yourself in bed with your ex. We remind you, that it's better not to do it, but if it happened, here is the breakup sex etiquette for you to follow.

Breakup sex is very hard for women. The thing is that if it happens while you're not over on your ex boyfriend, you will feel miserable. You won't be able to start new relations. However, sometimes men also are longing for breakup sex, but they just don't want to tell it to their ex girlfriends. Well, we're not going to blame both of you if it happened, because it's still OK if you follow these simple rules.

Don't call your ex if you want sex. If you've made up your mind about it, then make it happen naturally. You come over your ex and it just happens. Calling your ex and asking to meet will give them a signal that you want something special.

Don't sleep with your ex if you're not over them. It will be an emotional disaster for you: you will feel lonely, unneeded and unable to start new relations. Yes, you may have a great night with your ex, but think whether it's worth it or not.

Don't use sex to make your ex come back, because it will never work. Remember, that breakup sex is nothing more then fun, you enjoy it and that's it. If you try to make your ex change their mind about you and relations with you, then you will fail and only confuse them. Remember, that breakup sex happens very often, but it's unintentional.

Don't think about it too much. If you had sex with your ex or you just decided that it's what you need, don't over-think it. Don't think that sex is going to be or was a step backwards to your relations or don't feel guilty about it. Just don't think about it all, like nothing special happened.

Don't make it happen once more. You need to follow this rule in order to avoid repetition of this situation. Don't make sex with your ex a pattern, because it will be backing you off from beginning your new life. Just move forward without your ex, whom you call whenever you'd like to have some fun.

You don't have relations any more. Don't expect that your ex will stay with you for a brunch after you spent a night together. In fact, now you're two separate persons who are technically not engaged in any kind relations at all. Even if you slept with your ex for a few times and this situation lasted for a long time, at some point you will really feel that the person you just had sex with is a stranger to you.



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