5 Don'ts of Make-Up Sex

5 Don'ts of Make-Up SexThe term “make-up sex” refers to sex after a heated argument. Many couples admit that make-up sex is usually very passionate and brings them closer together. However, in some cases sex after a fight can only make things worse. If you want to keep your relationship healthy, you need to know the don'ts of make-up sex.

Don't jump to bed before resolving your argument. Having sex instead of resolving the conflict is a temporary cure, it just postpones the inevitable unpleasant conversation. Endorphins released during sex will make your happy, but once your endorphins level is back to normal, you will realize that the problem didn't magically go away and you still have to deal with it. That is why you must have make-up sex after you've actually made up, not instead of making up.

Don't keep arguing during sex. Sex can make our brain do weird things. If you suddenly realize that you have something to add to your previous... discussion, wait until you're done and are both calm enough to discuss whatever you have on your mind. Bringing up your argument mid-sex can ruin both sex and reconciliation because there is a risk that you will start fighting all over again.

Don't reduce your sexual life to make-up sex only. Angry make-up sex is a great way to spice up your sexual life. However, if you have stopped having regular sex and are constantly picking up petty fights just for the sake of passionate sex afterwards, something is wrong with your relationship. Sex is not only about feeling good, it's about creating intimacy. If you can't get close without a fight, you've got some serious issues.

Don't create conflicts just to have make-up sex. This one follows from the previous one. If having an argument is your only way to have good sex, you definitely have relationship problems, but prefer to live in denial. It's OK to have a “playful fight” followed by passionate sex every one in a while, but doing it too often is bad for your relationship.

Don't have make-up sex if you have serious problems. If your relationship is already falling apart, having make-up sex after one of your numerous arguments will only make things worse. It will create an illusion of intimacy you don't have anymore, preventing you from accepting the reality and deciding how to deal with it.

Make-up sex can be really good for your relationship if you are aware of the things we've listed above. And if having sex after an argument is not your thing, but you want to experience the excitement of make-up sex, you can try role-play.



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