7 Rules to Make Your Revenge Sex the Right Way

7 Rules to Make Your Revenge Sex the Right WayBefore you find the right person for you, you may go through numerous relations and break-ups. It's very sad and you get desperate, and while you need some love, you come up with an idea of a rebound or revenge sex. We all know that it's not right and you'd better continue weeping, but if you really in a mood to be reckless, then here are 7 rules to make your revenge sex the right way.

Revenge sex is very dangerous for women. It may sound totally sexist to you, but very often women really jump into another sexual dalliance while their heart is broken. When the rebound relations also come to the end, women suffer even more. That's why if you are a woman, although these tips are also good for men, remember about these rules to make your rebound sex safer for your mental and physical health.

Rule #1: make sure that your revenge partner is a buddy who is not interested in you, or just a stranger, who is interesting enough to chat with. Make it one night stand, say “good-bye” the next morning and never call back again, unless you choose to do so.

Rule #2: keep the details of your past life in secret. Revenge sex is just sex and not a therapy session. If you want somebody to listen to your sad story, then call your friend, but don't make other people think that they're just ears to listen to you.

Rule #3: wait till you're angry. You may want to have a revenge sex right after the break-up with your partner, but don't do it. Right now you're on a so-called “sobbing stage”, when you're hurt and feel very bad. Wait a couple of weeks when you feel only anger and then act reckless. After the night spent with a new “friend” you will not feel sad.

Rule #4: have sex at your partner's house, if possible. Your rebound partner doesn't have to know the details of your private life, like what color is your toothbrush or pajamas. Leave your private life only to people who are really close to you.

Rule #5: don't flaunt your new relationship. Everyone sees your through, especially your ex, that's why flaunting your relations reeks like desperation. By the way, parading is not fair to your rebound partner.

Rule #6: don't sleep with one your ex's friends. You're going through hard times, but wait a little, soon the clouds will be gone and you will be happy again. And till that time don't sleep with your ex's friend. We know that you're a good person, but think about your reputation!

Rule #7: remember about protection. This should go without saying! Don't mess up with your health. If you want to act reckless, then drink a couple of glasses of wine to get into right mood.



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