How to Stay Faithful to Your Partner

How to Stay Faithful to Your PartnerThere are so many temptations around you and you feel like you're a bit bored with your long-lasting relations. Here you come up with an idea of having fun and cheating on your partner. Think twice before you do it and here are the tips on how to stay faithful to your partner.

Any relationship is not 100 percent dependable on one person only. It's always 50-50 and you and your partner are totally responsible for what is going with two of you. If you are really tired of the relations, you should end them and only then look for new impressions. But if you still love your partner and have ants in your pants, what can you do then?

#1 Don't watch porn. You're hooked up with you co-worker or a neighbor and constantly think about this person, right? Watching porn won't make you more faithful. You may think that this action will release your tension at least, but in fact it may only encourage you for some stupid actions.

#2 Spice up your relations in bed. Boring sex life is one of the reasons why people cheat on each other. No matter how much you love your partner, but at some point you get tired of sex with them, and let's face the truth – this happens to many couples. Make your sex more spicy by learning new positions. Grab a copy of Kama Sutra and you will be surprised with the amount of positions you can try.

#3 Change your location. Sometimes it's not the partner and the same sex that makes you bored, it's your environment and routine. Take your partner and go out of your town for a weekend or so. This will make you closer and you can relax in a new environment. However, your get-away may become a disaster. If you want to, you may go for this trip on your own. Let yourself miss your partner a bit and don't use your vacation as a reason to cheat.

#4 Think what you're filling your head with. Your world may be full of wrong information about scandalous affairs, that makes you think about cheating on your partner. Try to stay away from shady media and soon you even won't think about cheating.

#5 Don't romanticize your cheat. The media loves different sex affairs involving celebrities. The affairs are full of intricate details that makes them interesting for others. However, remember, that love affairs involve feelings of other people. And the reality is that cheating is messy, scarring and very hurtful.

#6 Narrow down your problem. Men usually cheat on their partners because of their emotional need. If you understand that you don't like something about your partner, then you have to talk it out. Do it before you take any action.

#7 Work it out as a couple. Lack of communication leads to misunderstanding of your current situation. Talking more to each other about your feelings and what makes you unsatisfied will make the problem clear and you can find a way out of it as a couple. Even if you go several paths after this conversation, at least you tried to do everything possible to save your relations.



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