6 Most Common Sexual Kinks

6 Most Common Sexual KinksIn human sexuality, the term “kink” refers to unconventional sexual practices or fantasies. Sexual kinks are part of the BDSM culture, but not all kinky people are into BDSM. Some kinks are actually quite common and not so extreme as you may think. Here is our list of most common sexual kinks.

Role-play. Sexual role-play allows people to assume different roles and fulfill their sexual fantasies in a safe environment. Some fantasies (like sex with a complete stranger or even rape) might sound hot in theory, but in reality they are unsafe and not something you'd actually want to try. Role-play helps fulfill such fantasies with a partner concerned about your safety. Besides, it also allows you to try cross-dressing, dirty talk, and many other fun things.

Domination and submission. There are people who take pleasure from dominating or being dominated. This type of relationship has been popularized by “50 Shades of Grey” (note: the book is actually about abuse, not about a safe, sane, and consensual D/s relationship, so don't use it as your BDSM 101 textbook). D/s dynamics is typically associated with BDSM, but it can take vanilla forms. For example, if you like being manhandled or held down during sex, you can be a bit into submission, but that doesn't make your relationship with the partner a BDSM one.

Voyeurism/exhibitionism. Voyeurs get off watching people undress, masturbate, having sex, etc. Voyeurism is probably one of the reasons why porn exists. Exhibitionists get off knowing that someone is watching them undress, masturbate, having sex, etc. Sometimes the mere possibility of being watched and/or getting caught is enough for them. Although having sex in public is illegal, some people don't let this fact stop them.

Threesomes/group sex/swinging. The main idea of this kink is having sex with other people while staying in a committed relationship. Some couples try it when their sex life becomes boring or when they want to try something new. Having a threesome or swinging can strengthen a relationship, but it can also ruin it. So it is very important to make sure that all partners are fully consenting and to resolve all relationship issues before experimenting instead of trying to resolve them by experimenting.

Bondage and sensory deprivation. Just like domination and submission, these kinks are associated with BDSM. Bondage is the physical restraint of a partner, and sensory deprivation is the deliberate removal or reduction of stimuli for the senses. “Vanilla” interpretation of these kinks usually involves handcuffs or scarves and blindfolds.

Spanking. Another one BDSM-related kink. People might like spanking for many reasons. Some of them like it for the D/s dynamics of the act. Some people get off on humiliation. For many people, buttocks are an erogenous zone, that's why they get aroused while being spanked with the right amount of strength. Erotic spanking is not necessarily an independent act, it can be just a spontaneous smack during foreplay or sexual intercourse.

Remember that you should not be ashamed of having kinks. They are perfectly normal if your partner consents to them, if they don't prevent you from enjoying regular sex, and if you don't hurt anyone and/or break any laws while indulging in your kinks and fetishes.

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