7 Most Common Sexual Fetishes

7 Most Common Sexual FetishesSexual fetishism is sexual interest in non-living objects or non-genital body parts. Although the mere mention of fetishism can freak some people out, fetishism is not considered a disorder unless it prevents people from having normal sexual intercourse or puts anyone in danger. There probably are more people with fetishes around you than you think. Here is the list of most common fetishes.

Foot fetish. Foot fetishism (podophilia) is the most common form of sexual fetish related to a body part, but the degree of fetishism can vary considerably. For some people, a foot rub is enough. Some people like to lick and suck the toes. Some people get turned on only by a specific size or shape of feet/toes. Some people find bare feet particularly arousing, and some prefer stiletto heels.

Materials (leather, latex, rubber, vinyl). Quite a lot of people get turned on by the look and feel of one or several of these materials. Some people actually enjoy the texture, others like the feeling of confinement. Many men get turn out not by the material per se, but by the “bad girl” vibe of a leather-clad woman.

Body piercings and tattoos. If you find tattoos or body piercings hot, congratulations: you're a fetishist! Some people get off on direct contact with the metal during sexual acts, that's why they like tongue, lip, nipple and genital piercings. Others find the thought of the piercing act or getting a tattoo arousing.

Cross-dressing. There is a common misconception that most cross-dressers are transsexual. Well, it's wrong. Many cross-dressers have no issues with their gender identity. Cross-dressing can be part of a role play or power play. It is often combined with shoe fetish, material fetish, or lingerie fetish. Wearing panties doesn't make a man less masculine, it just makes him hotter, if you're into this king of thing.

Shoe fetish. Since we've already mentioned this fetish, let's dwell upon it some more. Shoe fetish is related to foot fetish and material fetish. People can get turned on by wearing certain types of shoes or seeing their partner wearing them. High boots and stilettos are most popular types of shoes as far as shoe fetish in concerned, but some people may find Mary Janes or flip-flops arousing, you can never guess.

Underwear fetish. Just like in the case with shoe fetish, people can get aroused by wearing certain types of underwear or watching their partner wear them. Underwear fetish is pretty harmless unless your partner tries to steal your panties. By the way, do you know that there are whole lines of male lingerie?

Hair. Hair fetish is quite common in both women and men. Although people typically are aroused by hair on the head, this fetish can include hear on any part of the body. By the way, enjoying the feel of a man's stubble can be classified as hair fetish, too.

Some lists of popular fetishes include kinks like spanking, watersports, threesomes, swinging, voyeurism, exhibitionism, bondage, role playing, domination and submission, etc. Although unconventional sexual practices are often referred to as fetishes, we prefer to stick to the narrower definition of a sexual fetish. However, we promise to make a list of most popular kinks as well!