5 Easy Steps to Get in the Mood for Sex

5 Easy Steps to Get in the Mood for SexSex is the best thing that we have in our life. But it's impossible to feel sexy all the time, and instead of spending some pleasant minutes in bedroom with your lover, you choose to have some rest. Find out about 5 easy steps to get in the mood for sex!

#1 Have some “me-time”. Stress and daily routine make you very tired and at the end of the day you want only to sleep. Have a rest and spend this time for yourself only. It's not so long as you may think, even 20 minutes will be enough. At this time take a bath full of foamy bubbles. You will feel more relaxed and prepared for a sexier frame of mind.

#2 Use scents for sex. It's interesting how different scents influence on us. They can relax or excite, make you feel happy and cosy. So why don't you use special aromas to raise your libido? The scents of lavender, licorice and pumpkin pie increase blood flow to a genital area. See, it's so easy: enjoy your favorite pumpkin pie of light a licorice scented candle. Don't limit yourself to these three scents only. Try vanilla, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, peppermint and jasmine.

#3 Touch yourself. Lay on your bed and relax, then start touching yourself. You may use your hands, vibrator or cushion. Caress yourself gently, feel good and relax. At first you may think, that it's ridiculous, but many experts really suggest this way to get in the mood for sex. Keep touching and feel how your body responds to this. Even if you don't rise for the occasion, don't worry, you can never predict how you body corresponds to your own touch.

#4 Watch a film. There are so many films you can watch to get in the right mood. Erotic Fifty Shades of Grey or stripping Magic Mike will make you think about sex. If erotic films are not for you and you want something “harder” you can watch some porn, your home video made with boyfriend or whatever that will make you think about sex. Those, who don't like watching movies, can read a book. Many romance novels describe women's desires and scenes of sex, just what we need. When you get to the parts that make you blush, keep going!

#5 Enjoy sexting. Send your partner a raunchy text message and wait till reply. You can use sexting whenever you want to during the day. Whether you're at work or relax at home. Make messages hotter and tell your partner what you want to do to him or her once you're alone. Extra idea: send your partner a sexy photo of yourself. While you take it, see what happens to your body.

We hope that these little steps helped you to get in the right mood. You may also make up your own ways and combine them with the ones we've given, and have a great time together with your partner.



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