How to Handle Awkward Sex Moments

How to Handle Awkward Sex MomentsSex is not always perfect like it may seem in the movies. Awkward things happen all the time, but you shouldn't let them ruin the mood and prevent your from going on. How to handle awkward sex moments?

Ridiculous noises. Dirty talk gone wrong. New positions that don't work. Neighbors banging on the wall. Getting your period while having sex. All these and many other things are bedroom mood-killers, but you shouldn't let them get to you. Believe us, awkward sex moment won't ruin you sex life forever! You just need to learn to handle them properly.

Remember that sex isn't perfect. As we've already said, sex looks beautiful in the movies. But movie sex is supposed to look beautiful on screen because that is what people want to see. Movie sex is unrealistic, and you have to deal with it. Real-life sex can be weird and ridiculous, it is not always neat and tidy, but this doesn't make it any worse.

Don't blame yourself. There are many things we can't control during sex, accidents happen. So don't blame yourself for the things you have no control over. For example, if you've accidentally kicked your partner, ask them if they are OK. If they are fine, don't waste time apologizing for the hundredth time and get to finishing what you've started.

Don't blame your partner. The rule from the previous paragraph applies in the reverse situation as well. If your partner has done something wrong, its probably an accident. No harm, no foul.

Turn it into a joke and laugh it off. Humor can help ease the tension. Just make sure you're on the same page here. Your partner might think that you laugh at them and get offended (many people get extremely vulnerable during sex and are easily hurt). Laugh will help only when you are laughing together at the same thing.

Don't focus on it. The more attention you pay to one little mishap, the bigger it seems. If both you and your partner are alright, just keep going. Bet you won't even remember about the incident in a couple of days.

Postpone sex until better times and cuddle. It is hard to go on when he's lost his erection or you both have had a little too much to drink. If you see that sex isn't working out today, you can make out or snuggle instead. It is important to remain close to avoid feelings of alienation. You need to feel each other's support.

N.B. If you can't go on because of an injury, take care of it and then cuddle. Sex isn't supposed to leave you injured.

Sex can get messy and embarrassing, but if your partner is a decent person, they won't make you feel bad about awkward bedroom moments. And if they do, you should throw them our of your bed ASAP.



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