How to Tell Your Boyfriend He's Bad in Bed

How to Tell Your Boyfriend He's Bad in BedWhen it comes to the matter of sex every man thinks that he's the best. But we, girls, know, that it's not only about rubbing and pushing to have an orgasm. While he thinks that everything is OK, your think how to tell your boyfriend he's bad in bed.

Men often don't even know that they are awful lovers, because they get experience from whoever they've been with. They use this experience every time with a new woman trying to impress her, as well as he did with other. But we, women, grow up and learn our own bodies, that's why we don't have to guess what we need.

Now if you want to tell your boyfriend the truth, don't do it. You will harm and make him doubt in himself. Instead of this be tricky. Tell him what would make you feel very good and give sexy commentaries, if your boyfriend does something you really like. Switch positions or play boss and give commands how to make you orgasm. Unfortunately, not every man will listen and understand your intentions. In this case you have to use other methods.

You need to start a conversation, and make sure that it happens at house, your bedroom is a preferable place. Don't be excited or alarmed, so your boyfriend doesn't catch your mood. Act like this is a usual conversation, nothing special.

Tell your boyfriend, that you need to tell him something, that might hurt him. At this point you won't be able to turn back. Then tell that no matter what happens next, everything is going to be OK. Make sure that he's relaxed.

Now tell him the truth. Don't do it strict with the words “You're an awful lover” or “You are bad in bed”. Omit any sentence with negative adjectives. Tell him, that you have problems with your orgasm and you need his help. Usually here men understand, that it's their fault, and then their reaction is unpredictable.

Now calm down your man and reassure him that your relations are not over. Tell, that you need some more love and affection, that's not much, just a little bit of improvement. And here you can teach him how to do it right. Don't think that you can make a great lover out of your boyfriend from the first time. There's a long way ahead of you and don't forget to tell him how good he is at it, whenever he does it right.

If you have a bad sex with your partner, it's not the end of the world. You can help your boyfriend become better so you both can enjoy time together. Make the first step, that is the hardest, it will be easier afterwards. How long it will take – we don't know. And during this time don't pretend. Be truthful to yourself and your boyfriend!



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