List of Strange But Existing Sex Phobias

List of Strange But Existing Sex PhobiasAlmost everyone has some kind of phobia – an unexplained fear of something or someone. The list of phobias is very long, since every new bizarre case occurring at least with one person gives birth to a new phobia. Some of theme regard sex and everything that is connected with it. Here is the list of sex phobias that many people suffer from.

Being a virgin is natural, but for some reason certain men are afraid of girls who never had sex with men. The fear of virgins is called parthenophobia.

Girls shouldn't get this phobia personally, because every part of their bodies is beautiful. However, some men are afraid of female genitals, and this fear is called eurotophobia.

Sex phobias are common for women as well, and while many enjoy the sight of erected penis or penis in general, some are truly afraid of it. The fear of penis is called medorthophobia.

The next phobia in our list also concerns penises and erection, but this time it's men's problem. The fear of erectile dysfunction is called medomalacuphobia. Men who try to keep their penis as hard as possible may agree, that the fear of dysfunction may cause serious problems.

Some people are afraid of stripping themselves down and staying in their birthday suits. The fear of being naked is called gymnophobia.

The theme of sex may be a taboo in the families with a strict household, and when people grow up in such environment they might develop erotophobia, or the fear of speaking about sex.

Pleasant erotic dreams don't freak out many people, but in some cases they cause a strange phobia called oneirogmaphobia. People who suffer it are afraid of sexy dreams.

While many people suffer the fear of not having an intercourse, some are afraid of such form of people's “interaction”. The fear of intercourse, or coitus, is called coitophobia.

Sexy girls should draw attention of sexy boys and vice versa (we don't mention LGBT here). But in some cases everything goes wrong and men are afraid of women and women are afraid of men. The fear of the opposite sex is called heterophobia.

The fear of staying inside of any closed room is called claustrophobia. And people with sexual claustrophobia are afraid of having sex inside.

The most of us suffer from not getting enough of foreplay, while some are really afraid of it. The fear of foreplay is called malaxophobia.

This is not the full list of sex phobias, but they are for sure the most interesting and strange. Humanity has many fears and everyday their quantity increases. And these phobias relate to any aspect of our life. By the way, if you feel you have any form of phobia listed here, visit a psychologist, who will help you with your fear.



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