10 Naughty Ideas How to Have a Better Sex in Marriage

10 Naughty Ideas How to Have a Better Sex in MarriageThe married couples may be totally different and spend only one or whole fifteen years together, but they all suffer from one common problem: monotony and dull sex. Don't think that the carnal sex ends in marriage, in fact, you can make it more exciting than before. And hare are 10 naughty ideas how to have a better sex in marriage.

1. Forget the sex routine. If your sex is scheduled, forget about that. Only routine makes couples bored with everything. Start doing whatever you feel like whenever you want it.

2. Start using props. Let's face the truth: you're not a client in a neighborhood sex shop and you have no idea about different props sold there. Next time introduce little props into your bedroom and you will be amazed how a pair of fluffy handcuffs, blindfold or a feather whip change your sex.

3. Watch porn together. Ask your partner to watch porn together. Don't listen, if they tell you that they dislike it. In fact, everyone watches porn, so don't miss a chance to do it together. This will turn both of you on and you will learn new things, that your partner likes or would like to try. Just keep an eye on what your partner chooses and then replicate it the next time you get the chance.

4. Try new positions. There are myriad positions you could try, and you might find then more delightful that doggie style or missionary. Buy Kama Sutra or scour Internet for its e-version and start practicing.

5. Dress up. Having sex doesn't mean that you need to be naked. Having a costume of a sexy nurse or fireman on will bring something spicy into your sex. Don't limit yourself to costumes only, women can also try glorious lingerie.

6. Bring back romance. If you're together for a long time, it doesn't mean that romance is dead. At least twice a month go for a romantic date with your spouse. Make reservation at some romantic place, indulge in good food and wine.

7. Role-play. It's one of the spiciest and at the same time easiest ways to make your sex in marriage much better. Pick up the costumes and roles and follow them till the end of the game. Pretend to be whoever you want to and remember, that role-play doesn't stop after having sex. It stops early in the morning, when you have to say “good-bye” to your “lover”.

8. Try sexting. Technology is everywhere and you can let it in your private life. Send your spouse naughty messages when they are at work. Tell them, how horny you are and what you want to do with them after their coming back home. You can also send some dirty pictures to make things even hotter.

9. Play footsie. Don't be too shy to show your feelings in public. In fact, nobody will notice this! Next time when you’re invited to a dinner party, sit next to your spouse and start playing footsie. By the end of the second course your fingers should be in your partner's privates.

10. Dirty talk. You may think that sex is only about the deed, but you will be surprised at the power of dirty talk. Pepper the moans with “You feel so good, you dirty slut” and “Give it to me hard” and you will feel how your heart is racing. Use dirty talk also outside the bedroom and see how your spouse gets definitely excited about what is to come.

Use these little tricks to make married sex brighter, more interesting and sexier. No need to suffer boring marriage and sex routine, because they won't make your relations better.



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